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Social media is an important way to connect with your customers and fans. However, it can take time and effort. Automating your social media marketing campaigns will save you a lot of precious time. Here are a few tips for automating your social media marketing the right way.


Mix Things Up

You’ll be scheduling a lot of posts in advance at once. It’s important for your posts to be different and unique and not sound all the same. Spice things up and talk about different things. Every social media platform should be different as well, both in their tone and in their design.

Know When to Schedule

When scheduling your posts, know when to have them posted. Test different times and see which get the most engagement. Different audiences are on social media at different times, and each platform is different.

Be Live Sometimes

Sometimes, you just need to be live. When certain events are happening in the world, you might not want to schedule posts about them in advance until you know what will happen.

Don’t Make Silly Mistakes

Some things shouldn’t be automated. One example is automatically replying to tweets that mention your Twitter handle. It’s a dangerous road to go down, since a bot can’t really tell whether a tweet is positive in nature based solely on positive words. You don’t want to appear like a fool. In addition, automatically reposting Facebook posts to Twitter or vice versa will appear very dry and unsocial.

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