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There’s always a certain degree of uncertainty when it comes to search engine marketing. In this blog, we’re going to dispel two myths and reiterate a fact to help you with your marketing efforts:

Myth: SEO tricks are more effective than content creation

This may have been true back in 2008, but times have changed. Content quality is now the single most important indicator of an SEO campaign. That doesn’t mean that your keywords, links, and headlines don’t matter, but you should at least prioritize content creation.

According to a recent Inc article, businesses should try to create content that interests their target audience:

“There are a lot of ways that website owners can improve the structure of their site and SEO-friendliness of the content, but the one algorithm-proof method to improve a site’s search ranking is to continuously create content that’s useful to the audience. Though it may take effort and resources, businesses should endeavor to create blog posts and other forms of content for their site on a regular basis.”

Myth: Social media marketing doesn’t affect Google’s algorithm

Again, this myth may actually have been true a few years ago. But now, we’re certain that there’s at least some connection between social media posts and search engine results. The relationship isn’t completely clear yet, but your focus should be on getting likes and shares for your posts.

Fact: Your Google page rank can make or break your online marketing campaign

The reality is that your Google page rank plays a greater role than you’d probably like it to. It may be unfair, but businesses just have to adjust to the playing field. Consumers pick websites based on their place on Google’s search engine results page, so make sure you’re in a competitive spot.

Search engine marketing can help your business attract prospective customers to its website. To talk more about search engine marketing, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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