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The experts have been saying that blogging is a vital part of running a successful business for years. Even though you probably know that you should be blogging, it’s still difficult to know exactly what you need to blog about in order to have the best results. Blogging was once about using a keyword a certain number of times and including as many links as you could. However, Google’s changes now give the best spots in search engine results to the websites that provide content for the enjoyment of their readers. Here are a few essential blogging tips that will help you do just that.


“Best of” Lists


Your customers love lists. They love exciting headlines too. Work on compiling “best of” lists as a way to entice your customers to check out your website. Of course, you’ll be sharing your blog posts on social media to be sure you get the absolute best visibility you can. By creating blog posts that have lists and tips, you’ll demonstrate your expertise in your field. You’ll also provide your readers with valuable information that will have them eager to share your posts with their friends.


Video Lessons


Did you know that in America over 100 million people watch at least one online video every day? Some of those videos are tutorials. People don’t want to read directions, they want to see demonstrations, and many companies are grabbing hold of this idea and running with it. If you want to increase your readership, why not offer some tutorials on your business website? You can demonstrate some of your more popular products in a way that’s very informative and even entertaining.


Run Contests


Everyone loves a good contest, and your customers are no exception. A contest is a great way to encourage people to share your Facebook page or a post, especially if that “share” gives them an additional entry into your contest. Freebies have always been an important part of running a business, and the Internet gives you the ability to offer them on a much larger scale, while you raise awareness about what you have to offer to your customers as well as those who might become customers in the future.


While blogging is an important part of any business, it’s certainly not easy to fit into your schedule. Running a company takes a lot of time. That’s why we’re here. We’d love the opportunity to talk to you about your company’s blogging needs. For more information, contact us today.


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