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You still don’t have a mobile marketing strategy? Then you have no idea what you are missing. Stop what you are doing right now, go to the city and take a look around. What do you see? People on their phones and portable gadgets. Mobile has definitely changed the way we consume information by becoming a very powerful tool to communicate, socialize, shop, browse, and doing just about everything you can think of. As a business owner, mobile is a very powerful place to connect with your audience.


Here are the top 3 mistakes businesses are making with mobile marketing and how you can avoid it:


1. Building an app without marketing it.


A lot of businesses build an app for their company but don’t give the proper time to making the app discoverable. Granted, anyone can go to the app store and discover some apps but still many app publishers completely neglect the importance of their app’s title, keywords, and descriptions. Also, having a proactive approach for getting happy customers to leave positive reviews can help in marketing the app and spreading the word about it.


2. Ignoring the mobile customer base.


Customers will have issues, questions, and suggestions when using your mobile app but a lot of companies are not listening or don’t address their customer base as they should. One way to correct this mistake is by building an in-app communication tool to make it easy to submit feedback through the app.


3. Failure to optimize content for mobile


One of the best ways to optimize your content is to have a responsive design for your website and mobile site where content is optimized for the best resolution depending on the device it’s being displayed on.


What other mistakes have you noticed businesses making in their mobile marketing strategy?



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