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Athletes who train using a similar method over a long period of time reach what is called a “training plateau.” What this means is that the techniques they have been using are no longer affecting them, and their results are now flat and ineffective. Some people respond to a training plateau by training harder, but all this leads to is injury, which in turn leads to less results.

The same can be said for beginning SEO campaigns. Because if you use the same technique, you will definitely see results. But only up to a point. After a while (months, or even years), your SEO will hit a plateau, and you’ll be asking what you should be doing to overcome it.

Here are 3 often overlooked techniques for you to apply to your SEO campaign to help avoid the “plateau.”

1. Content Visibility is Important

Of course, great content is important for traffic and visibility. While gated content can help with lead generation, why not add white papers, videos, or case studies to the mix? Leaving them gated will not help with SEO, so make them visible and searchable. They are useful assets that you can repurpose and use.

2. Remember the Long Tail

After the launch of an SEO campaign, the usual keywords and phrases focus is there. This is fine for the beginning, because after some time, these are usually the first to hit the plateau in rankings. When this happens, it’s time to switch focus to the long tail. Long tail search rankings can sometimes be even more valuable than major keywords. They have lower competition and (if chosen accordingly) can have actionable results.

3. Go Offline

One of the most powerful SEO strategies is human connection. After all, a human is the one searching for you through keywords, a human is the one you are catering your website for, who is going to be affected by your mobile marketing, so why not get out of the office and make some human connections. Step outside the box, talk to some people, make some PR connections, and find out what is working for people. You may just find that a looming performance plateau may turn into a peak once again.

The bottom line for overcoming (and avoiding) a plateau is doing something different. Re-thinking your current strategy can remedy many SEO problems, and help you achieve the results you want (and need).

For more information on how we can help, feel free to contact us any time. And don’t forget to have a look at our ebook on Internet content marketing.

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