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You’ve spent significant time and resources on developing and optimizing a company website, but it isn’t bringing in the traffic or conversion rates you desire. The underlying reason may not be your content or keywords; it may be that you’ve overlooked an essential component: mobile website creation. Sites that don’t fit or navigate easily on small screens have a much higher bounce rate, and you don’t want to miss out on a large group of target customers accessing your site on mobile devices.

Mobile Computing Has Exploded

The days of desktop towers, monitors and mouse-clicking are becoming old-school rather quickly. More people are now using tablets and smartphones to access online information by pinching, scrolling and swiping rather than clicking. Your site’s navigation needs some important tweaks for positive user experiences on these devices.

Non-Mobile Websites = Out of Touch

More consumers now form opinions that a company without a mobile website is behind the times. If the business owner is unaware of mobile website creation’s importance, what other customer service practices in the company may be outdated? Having your website optimized for mobile computing will inspire consumer confidence rather than doubt.

Mobile Searching Converts to Mobile Buying

Potential leads that are able to find information on your mobile site quickly are more likely to make purchases. With a couple of taps, they are able to add your products or services to a mobile shopping cart. A cleanly designed, easy-to-navigate mobile website will also increase the chances of buyers recommending your business to their friends or colleagues.

Mobile website creation is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. An old adage of any such strategy is “Go where the customers are.” A good percentage of your potential leads are now on mobile devices, and your site needs to be ready for them to investigate. For more detailed advice on optimizing your site for mobile browsing, contact us today!

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