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SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a phrase that has gone through quite a few revisions in terms of how it works.  Given that the internet is constantly growing and evolving, SEO also keeps changing.  In some ways, one might say that the only way to attract viewers or customers in the long run is to give them quality content.  However, the rules of writing for the internet are different from the rules of writing for print.  Here are a few SEO tips that will help your website stand out.


Keywords.When SEO started out, search engines like Google and Bing would use keyword density in order to rank a page.  This led to a lot of “keyword stuffing” in which so-called SEO experts would just use the same keyword over and over in an article to get high rankings.  Over time, search engines got smarter and started looking for more keyword variety.  Nowadays, it’s still a good idea to use keywords but to use them sparingly i.e., no more than 3-4 times per article.


Lists, Bullet Points and Subheadings.  When people are reading on the internet, they don’t have the same degree of patience as they do for a book or a magazine.  They can’t keep reading paragraph after paragraph of text.  So for good SEO, it really helps if you subdivide your text into smaller parts using lists, bullet points, subheadings etc.  This will make things more convenient for your readers who won’t have to read the same information over again.  It also helps you to come across as more organized.


Updates.  Constantly updating your web presence is also a good idea for SEO.  So it helps if you have a blog and a social media presence.  You can keep adding blog posts once a week or more often, if possible.  You can also add comments to your Facebook and Twitter accounts on a regular basis.  The advantage of doing this is that you cover a lot of information.  You’re not only writing about your product or service but about things that are related to it in some way or the other.  As a result, you show up in more searches.  You can use current events, historical facts, anecdotes etc. to make your updates more interesting.


These are just some of the tips we make use of to improve your SEO.  Contact us for more information on improving your rankings.

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