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When you’re looking for marketing services on the internet, there are certain things you should keep in mind.  Marketing on the internet is cheaper than marketing via other mediums.  For example, it’s expensive to buy advertising space in a magazine or to pay for a billboard at a busy intersection.  However, it doesn’t cost you anything to set up and keep updating a Facebook page.  You might have to pay something for setting up a website.  However, the cost is minimal.


Short-term vs. Long-Term Results


You can’t expect to start getting immediate results as soon as you set up a web presence.  For some people, this might happen.  You might start a website, a blog and social media pages, and start getting thousands of hits, many of which turn into sales.  However, this is not the case most of the time.  You might go viral immediately or it may take some time for you to establish yourself.  So it’s necessary to be patient and to keep updating your web presence to reflect anything new that’s happening in your company.


Sales vs. Improving Company Image


It’s necessary to convey your needs to the firm that’s providing you marketing services on the internet.  Are you looking to increase sales?  This is often one of the main goals of businesses that go on the internet.  But there are also other businesses who are looking to improve their company image or become thought leaders in their field.  For them, it’s more important to receive critical acclaim.  It doesn’t matter whether that acclaim translates into monetary terms or not.  If you let your marketing firm know what exactly you’re looking for, they can help you to achieve your online goals.


Keeping Your Audience in Mind


You’ll also need to help your marketing firm understand your company image before you develop a web presence.  If your clients are mostly teenagers, you’ll probably want to develop a hip tone.  If your clients are stay at home moms, you’ll need content that appeals to them, such as articles about raising children, fashion, cooking, interior decoration etc.  If your clients are artists, you’ll need to convince them that you’re in the know with regard to the happenings of the art world.  These are all things you can do via your website, as long as you explain your needs to your marketing firm.


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