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These days, many people just delete their marketing emails without even looking at them.  If you look at Gmail’s inbox, you’ll see it’s divided into three sections: primary, social and promotional.  In the primary section, which is on top, you’ll only see your personal emails.  In the social section, you’ll see emails from Facebook and other social media.  In the promotional section, you’ll see marketing emails.  So people do see what marketing emails come to their inbox but they don’t necessarily have to do more than glance at them to make the new email notification go away.  Given how difficult it is to get a customer to look at a marketing email, you might want to make sure that the ones you send out are eye-catching and relevant.  Here are a few tips:


Research your audience.  It doesn’t make any sense to send emails about automobile insurance to someone who doesn’t have a car.  In order to succeed in your email marketing efforts, the main thing is to reach the right audience.  The best thing is to keep track of your past customers and keep sending them notifications about sales, new products etc.  These are people who have already expressed an interest in your product.  So they’re likely to look at your emails.  If you’re buying a list, then make sure that it comes from a company that researches consumers before putting them on a list.


Don’t oversell.  Nowadays, people have come up with creative ways to avoid advertisements.  For those who don’t like TV ads, it’s possible to download or stream television shows without them.  For those who don’t like internet advertising, there are programs that will allow them to surf the net without seeing any.  So when people need something, they just do some research about it on the internet, find some information and then buy the product.  As a result, you need to keep in mind that you’re reaching out to a consumer who wants information.  They don’t want to be sold things anymore.  Keep your promotional language down to a minimum and you’ll find more responses to your email marketing efforts.


Be unique.  It’s easy to be unique.  You just have to do something that no one else is doing.  But this isn’t enough.  You can’t put in images or text that are unique but have nothing to do with your product.  In order to be really unique, you have to figure out what your company is all about.  What quality of your company or product are you trying to sell?  And how is it different from what others are trying to sell?  What’s your passion?  And how are you trying to bring it to your customers?  When you know the answers to these questions, you’ll also know how to be unique in a way that will attract customers to you.


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