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The more leads you generate, the harder it is to build meaningful relationships with real people. Automated marketing simplifies several processes for you so that you can focus on the person behind the computer.

In this blog, we’ll explain a few things you can do with automated marketing and how they contribute to your lead nurturing efforts:

Drip campaigns

As people move further in the buying process, they need to keep receiving new information regarding your business. You can’t just keep sending generic welcome messages and expect people to do research on their own.

Drip campaigns use an automated follow-up method to send leads new content one step at a time. They’re therefore extremely effective in regard to lead nurturing.

Email marketing

Even in 2017, email marketing remains the most effective online marketing practice in terms of ROI. It’s been able to stay relevant because marketers have been adept at innovating.

Email marketing isn’t really feasible without automation. You need to spend your time writing engaging messages and not sending individual emails out to hundreds of subscribers.


It’s common for people to think that marketing automation will result in generic, cookie cutter messages. The irony is that automated marketing provides a lot of opportunities in regard to personalization.

One example is sending an email to subscribers on their birthdays. With automated marketing, you can “set it and forget it.” The system will send the email out for you with the person’s name in the message.

Multiple social media accounts

Businesses today are expected to have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Managing these individually takes too much time for what you get in return.

With an automated marketing system, you can manage multiple social media accounts at the same time. This is a convenient feature for any business that has 2 or more social media pages.

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