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An eCommerce website is perhaps one of the most extravagant in scope, elaborate in design, and expensive to develop processes in website design today. However, if done correctly, an eCommerce website can give your business the boost it needs, and set you up with a digital storefront that comes with outstanding possibilities.


Know Your Audience


It goes without saying that your target audiences are the ones who will be buying from you. So it’s important, as one expert says, that you;


Make sure your site has been designed from a target shopper’s point of view. Give them what they want and you have a profitable site, [and if you don’t] you will have to say goodbye to any chance of achieving a high conversion ratio.


Have a Mobile Strategy


You’ve heard it before, after all, why would you be interested in developing an eCommerce website if you didn’t know that tablets and mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous all over the world. In fact, the biggest mistake you can make here is not having a mobile strategy.


Choose Scalable Hosting


Hosting can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, if you have tons of products, then you’ll need a large product database to store them, but if you are just starting out, choose the cheapest plan you can find. You can always add more space later. Or check out BigCommerce, they offer hosting as a part of their software offerings. Bundling always saves money.


Optimize Conversion


If you want to turn a visitor into a repeat customer, remember these 5 tips:


No clutter


More pictures, less text


Add testimonials


Entice with promos


Simple navigation


It’s that easy.


Landing Page Specials


When someone comes to your website, often they have just a vague idea about what they are looking for. So to eliminate any hemming and hawing, always have a landing page that profiles a section called “featured products.” It will help rid any confusion and help with conversion.


Need help designing your eCommerce website? Contact us (919-601-0305) to request a quote. And don’t forget to check out and download our ebook: The Essential Step-By-Step Guide To Internet Marketing.


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