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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to gather a list of targeted leads. Running an ad campaign is hard work, so don’t add to the frustration by failing to optimize your landing page!


Your landing page is the most important element in PPC advertising. Its job is to entice, persuade and pre-sell the reader into moving forward into your sales funnel.



To make sure your landing page is optimized for maximum results, here are 6 extremely helpful Landing page optimization tips.


1. Keep Content Relevant – Every piece of your landing page should coincide and flow well. Everything from your main headline to the text and images should be aiming to achieve the primary goal. (i.e. sell, persuade, inform, etc.)


2. Images – An image of the actual product or service is vital to your landing page’s success. Humans are visual, so adding a well edited picture of the product will solidify their confidence in the product.


3. Speed – Make sure to check the loading speed of your landing page. A landing page that takes 45 seconds to load won’t get too many leads.


4. Language – Make sure that tone, word usage and language act as a cohesive unit throughout the landing page. Ensure that the voice is relatable to the target audience by putting yourself in their shoes.


5. Wait for Data – A common problem faced by those who run PPC campaigns is that they make changes to their landing page at the last minute. Unless it’s a change that cannot wait, do not make sudden changes to your landing page until you have a sufficient amount of data to back up those changes. Sometimes it’s good to go with your gut.


6. Grab People’s Attention – You only have a few seconds before your reader decides to leave or stay on your landing page to find out more. Make those first seconds count by eliminating distractions and by using an attention-grabbing headline.


Achieving a nice ROI from your PPC campaigns doesn’t have to be an aggravating process. With some constant testing, optimizing, and with a little help from the tips above, you can finally have that long list of leads you’ve wanted from your PPC efforts.


For more information about landing page optimization, feel free to contact us today.


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