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When it comes to internet commerce, there is one figure in particular that can seem a bit daunting.  According to most research, only 3% of those who visit your website will make a purchase.  Obviously, you want that number to be higher, and that’s what landing page optimization is designed for.  For those who are unsure, a landing page is the first page a customer sees after clicking on a link or finding a website through a search engine.  Landing page optimization, then, is a part of an overall marketing plan that looks to make that landing page attractive enough to retain the customer’s attention.  With that in mind, here are a couple do’s and a couple don’ts when it comes to landing page optimization.

DO know what you are looking for with your landing page, and pick just one.  First off, you need to decide just exactly what you want to accomplish with your landing page.  Are you looking for them to click-through? To keep them there to browse your inventory?  Do you want them to fill out a form for contact generation?  Do you want them to download a PDF?  What you then need to do is make sure that this Call to Action is clear, and that there is only one.  Putting more than one of these goals on one page will simply distract and will increase your abandon rate.

DON’T have a ton of landing pages.  You may want to have a landing page for every permutation of customer you seek, or you may want to have hundreds of landing pages in the hopes that one will work.  Unfortunately, that will simply make for more work for very little return.  The more you concentrate on a landing page, the better it can become and the higher retention rate you’ll see.  What’s more, fewer landing pages mean better results in search engines.

DO keep it simple.  One thing to remember when it comes to web pages is that you have about four seconds to capture the attention of your potential customer.  That’s the trouble with living in a society where we can have web access everywhere we go; if you can’t lock in a customer with your web page in four seconds, they will move on.  With such a short amount of time, your landing page needs to address your Call to Action clearly and with few bells and whistles; no ads, no menus, no extraneous information.   Once you’ve got them hooked, i.e. they’ve clicked-through or have filled out a form, then you can start getting into more specific information.

DON’T make one page and presume you’re done.  One of the key parts of landing page optimization is continuous testing.  You’re trying to get your conversion up above the scant 3% we mentioned above, and doing so is going to be a process.  You have to determine which Calls to Action and which landing pages provide meaningful results.  As you refine what sells and what doesn’t, you’ll be able refine you’re landing page to achieve the most conversions.

Landing page optimization can seem a bit complicated at first, but with the right professionals in your corner, you’ll see big dividends soon enough.  If you have any questions or would like to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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