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Choosing a responsive design website is the easiest way for laptops and mobile devices to have a great experience searching the site.  For companies who are contemplating this, read these advantages below and contact us for our online marketing services.


1. Wide Audience: Users access your website using different mediums.  With responsive web design, it attracts a wider audience.  No matter what screen the visitor uses, it will look professional.  This keeps customers coming back.


2. Easy Maintenance: It’s too much work to update a laptop/computer type website and a separate mobile website.  With responsive web design, the website automatically adapts based on device and screen size.   It adjusts the site to the screen size by cutting out the fluff and showing the information consumers need to know. The company adds the latest information on one site, and it automatically updates the other sites.


3. Easier Analytics: Along with two separate websites, there is also two statistics to keep an eye on.  When responsive web design comes into play, the analytics combine into one easy source of information.

4. Consolidated Campaign: Just like combining analytics, one website equals one site to market and advertise instead of two.  Money and resources meant for a second website is used in other parts of the company.


5. Consistent Design:  It’s something to design and customize two separate websites.  As a result, the company website doesn’t look the same as the mobile site.  The responsive web design keeps the same design across all platforms.

6. Higher Conversion Rates: Customers will purchase products and services on laptops and mobile devices.  This is especially great for businesses who sell products and services because responsive web design will keep up with the demand.  The website will become a useful outlet for sales because it reaches the target audience and a niche fan base.


7. Lower Bounce Rates: Today’s visitors are not going to sit around waiting until your website is working. Users want answers now, and if they don’t get it from your website, they are going back to the search engine results and find the answers somewhere else. Responsive websites reduce bounce rates with fast load times and a consistent URL that doesn’t offer a 404 message.


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