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Niche markets are a valuable resource in growing your business.  Instead of tackling big companies from the start you can build a following in another way.  The good news is that you will have fewer competitors.


The purpose of Website design toward a niche market is maintaining the same theme throughout the website.  Content, color, multimedia, layout, structure, interior links, third-party links and logo must be consistent.  For example a plastic surgeon website would have their logo and company colors.  There would be before and after photos, helpful blogs about plastic surgery, bio about the plastic surgeon and videos about the company.  There would also be graphics of doctors and beautiful, happy people while maintaining an inviting, hopeful and professional atmosphere.  Nothing must be out of place; after all the audience knows what they want when they enter the site.

There are ways to turn your website into a site made for your market.


Think about the audience.  What kind of visitors do you want visiting your website?  The answer requires you knowing your business inside and out.  What services or products does it sell?  What kind of people would be interested in this?


Less is more with design elements.  Clean lines, company colors/color scheme and lightweight videos/photos are best for easy loading times.  Flash designs, animated photos/.gif and large files are not recommended.  In addition make sure that everything fits on one page.  No one wants to scroll from side to side just to read everything on the site.


Use both HTML and CSS code.  HTML is the content of the website and the basics of customization.  CSS adds character to a website by editing font type, size, backgrounds, color and hyperlinks.  Both codes will speed up loading times.


Add a navigation bar, a search box and a site map.  Search engine spiders love site maps and navigation bars because it’s easier for it to find information and add it to search engine result pages.  Visitors like all three because it’s an easy and fast way to find information.  Without one, two or all three visitors will be frustrated finding information and not return to your website.


Make it readable.  Font and background colors should never blend.  Fancy font styles and dark backgrounds are to be avoided.  Make fonts big enough so anyone can read them on a background color that makes the words pop out.


Make it relevant.  Make each section of the website specific to the business.  Using the same example, the plastic surgeon should have one page dedicated to payment options, another for contact information, and another for list of procedures and so on.


Test it out.  The site should fit on all types of browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc), mobile devices (smartphone, iPhone, android, etc) and screen sizes (2 inch to 17 inch) with ease.


Everyone is aiming for niche markets.  You must do whatever it takes to make your niche stand out.  Turning your website into a site made for niche markets is a great step.  First impressions count so make yours tempting enough for visitors to come back with referrals. Contact us for more information.

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