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Marketing automation is one of the most effective tools out there, but some businesses seem to think it’s a substitute for strategy. In this blog, we’ll explain why marketing automation is only effective if used correctly and within the confines of a holistic campaign.



Marketing automation is a useful tool…

First, a quick word on marketing automation. We can’t overstate how powerful it is when it comes to running email and social media campaigns. Setting triggers and essentially letting a campaign run itself saves you time and money and increases engagement.

… but it’s not a strategy

Still, automated marketing isn’t a strategy, nor does it take the place of one. This is a common mistake businesses make, only to be let down by the very predictable results.

This Forbes article explains why you should first plan a strategy and then add marketing automation in as a feature:

“Rather than looking at marketing automation software as a comprehensive marketing solution, we have to view it as just one mechanism for reaching customers. If we can remember that it’s only one piece of our overall strategy, we’ll be best equipped to use it most effectively.”

Automated marketing should essentially assist you in achieving your goals. But when you make marketing automation itself the goal, then your campaign won’t have any real direction.

Put two and two together 

Marketing strategies should always start from the ground up. First, you need to identify your target audience, consider your brand and brand values, and come up with ways to find prospective customers.

When you review your plan, you’ll quickly see where marketing automation falls into place. It should help you communicate with customers and generate leads. Though its most commonly used with social media and email, it’s by no means limited to those platforms.

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