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Customer emotion plays an important part in purchasing decisions. It triggers the decision to buy, while logical thought justifies the purchase. Emotion also dominates the customer’s loyalty to your brand. The key to generating positive emotions is making your correspondence all about the customer (instead of about your business) and making your messages as personalized as possible.

One of the best ways businesses have done this over the years is by sending greeting cards. Not every message should be a greeting card because its effect would wear off. Instead, they are occasionally sent on special occasions.

However, sending physical cards isn’t necessary because e-cards have the same effect and are more easily automated. You may be thinking that sending e-cards requires working through a third-party e-card business. But automated marketing and CRM software makes this unnecessary. Its email marketing feature makes it easy for you to edit and customize emails.

Transforming an HTML business email into an online greeting card is as simple as changing its image to that of a birthday cake, for example, and writing an appropriate email subject line and message. Then, you need only create a property based workflow that sends emails for special events. Here are five examples:

  • Anniversary dates. Send e-cards that celebrate the anniversaries of when your customers made their first purchase by giving them a discount on one of their favorite purchases.
  • We missed you messages. If appropriate for your niche, humor is a powerful way to get old customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, to come back. An image of a sorrowful puppy (representing the business owner) is often used to good effect to make the customer smile and reconsider. Including an enticement will also help.
  • Birthdays. Customers appreciate being remembered, and sending a card on the customer’s birthday is a good way of doing this. Again, a discount or other enticement is a good way of celebrating.
  • Holidays. This e-card is similar to the birthday card in its message and enticements.
  • Appointments. If you provide a service that’s appointment based and is relatively infrequent, such as dentistry, an e-card reminder ensures that the appointment isn’t missed.

As you can see, a little out-of-the-box thinking further expands the many ways that automated marketing and CRM improves your customer relationships. If you have any questions about how our automated marketing and CRM software can enhance your business, please contact us.



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