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Can you use automated marketing and CRM (customer relationship management) software to regain some control of the sales process? Experts believe that it is possible to use the tool as a way of positioning yourself advantageously in your niche. Here is how it works.

Outbound versus Inbound Marketing

The old sales model put the sales professional firmly in charge of the process. This expert was the gateway to information, product specs, and pricing structures. Nothing happened unless the salesperson made it happen. Then inbound flipped the script. The internet now provides the data to the consumer without the need for conversations with salespeople.

Inbound sales techniques have changed the dynamic. Rather than being in control of the sales process, the seller now functions more as a consultant. In some cases, s/he becomes a facilitator for a transaction. This opens up a new role possibility for your sale staff: lead generators.

Inbound-Centered Automated Marketing and CRM Software Offers Tools that Today’s Consumers Respond To

The old model thrived on interruptions. Examples were the salesperson at the door and the pop-up ads on the website. However, prospective buyers do not respond well to these marketing models. While your business pays a lot of money for disruptive ads, the consumer tunes them out.

The trick is now to be there when a shopper starts asking questions. You know that this requires an optimized website with local SEO, blogging, and other means of attracting attention. You need to answer the questions that prospective buyers are asking of the internet at large. Doing so leads to website visits.

The shopper is now reading your materials. S/He may provide information in return for a more personalized browsing experience. At this juncture, CRM software comes into play.

• Track lead conversion. How do you know if your current system is providing you the return on investment that you are looking for? The software lets you track the conversion of qualified leads, which shows if – and where – there is a disconnect.

• Boost sales. Never lose touch with another qualified lead again. Emails are easy to miss or accidentally erase. Website forms may reset. The database of CRM software offers a far more permanent storage solution for your sales prospects.

• Connect the right sales rep with the consumer. Make sure that the sales rep with a vast knowledge of green widgets connects with the shopper in need of this product. This frees up your expert in widget accessories to communicate with a buyer who wants to boost her or his enjoyment of the product with the right secondary add-ons.

• Enhance marketing opportunities. Your sales department and marketing professionals now talk to each other. Marketing experts learn what approaches are working well for the sales team. Conversely, they find out quickly which advertising strategies are having little effect on the targeted consumer group.

• Follow up with buyers. You closed the deal, but you are not done. Even if you sell high-quality consumer goods with a low chance of needing a replacement any time soon, continue to cultivate your customer relationships. A buyer may want to purchase a second product for a family member. There may be opportunities for upsells in the future. Staying connected is a snap with the right CRM software package.

Harness the Power of Automated Marketing and CRM for Your Business

MaaS Pros offers you insight into the inner workings of its software solution with a demo. Learn how to create contact documents, emails, and other interactivity based on your input data. Find out how easy it is to duplicate the process for a targeted consumer base. Moreover, explore why automation is the way to go with a consumer base that is becoming deeply segmented based on a broad range of sales-specific values. Contact us today to learn more!

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