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For those of you who have delved into the world of digital marketing, you understand the need for quality content designed with a specific target audience in mind. Context is also emerging as the all-important marketing tool that may differentiate one company’s over-the-top success from another’s stagnant existence. Context refers to your potential customer receiving the right content at the right time and on the right platform. If your content is great, but the wrong demographics is receiving it at a time they’re not interested in it and on a platform they rarely engage with, all your eloquent, catchy and informative writing is for naught. Enter the world of marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM).

The Key to Success—Create Loyal Customers

Obtaining new customers, while retaining current clients, is at the core of any successful business. This revolves around knowing your target-audience, analyzing existing customers and then sending the correct content in the correct format with the right call to action (CTA).

Engage. If there was a word to define successful digital marketing, this would be the catchphrase. Engage with your customers by creating personalized target emails designed with their needs in mind. Keep active in social media by regularly posting and responding to customers and guests posts. Target the correct platforms by determining which ones particular customers navigate towards.

Know where your leads are in the purchasing process and keep track of them as they progress to a sale. Knowing what phase they are in allows you to address them with the correct and appropriate CTA.

Determine which landing pages are pulling in the visitors and how many of these visitors are becoming leads. In this way you can engage with your potential customer and know their niche from which landing page they hit. This alone may tell you a bit about their pain points and convert another lead into a loyal customer.

How to Keep Track

A good automated marketing and CRM software provides the tools you need to track your customers from first contact to sales and beyond. This is how one-time clients become repeat, loyal customers. Knowing where they are, who they are and repeatedly reaching out to them through various touch points lets them know they are the reason you’re doing business. Look for the following features that will help mainstream your company:

  • Easily published and customized landing pages.
  • Workflows that keep track of customers, leads and conversions.
  • Ability to track performance of landing pages.
  • Adds social media connections to your CRM.
  • Manages all social media accounts from one interface.
  • Produces multiple, customized email campaigns that are personalized for each contact.
  • Keeps performance high by managing tasks and deadlines for staff.
  • Creates branded estimates and invoices and accept online payments.

In essence, a good automated marketing and CRM software keeps everything your business needs to thrive in one place—creating a seamless journey for you, your sales team and your loyal customers. Contact us for more information on how to take your business to the next level with a marketing automation and sales platform.




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