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Marketing and sales are moving from a manual process of cold calling and broad ads to automated marketing and sales techniques specified to the individual consumer.  Software based automated marketing platforms help companies take the next step, reduce efficiencies, and run very targeted campaigns that increase response rates and sales conversions.  These software solutions are powerful tools that have truly increased the capability of companies to reach and sell to their customers.

An automated marketing suite focuses on generating marketing campaigns that can be highly diversified to different target audiences depending on their interests and feedback. The campaign may include several high quality pieces of content to attract potential customers. For example, an interior design firm may write eBooks about different types of furniture, different remodeling ideas and lighting concepts. Depending on the eBook that the potential customer downloads, an email is automatically generated to follow-up on the interest.

CRM systems take the customer’s journey to a deeper level by narrowing down the process and optimizing the value of one-on-one interactions to create a more personalized customer experience. This gives a sales organization complete visibility into each individual relationship that it has with customers and prospects, allowing for a more targeted approach when trying to obtain new business or expand share of wallet.

Subsequent messages, emails and social marketing campaigns are regularly enacted through the suite to reach out to the customer. As their preferences become clear based on the things they click on or provide feedback for, the messages can become more tailored to them.

Of course, the marketing suite is also fully integrated into the CRM system. Every lead is automatically filtered to individual sales people based on pre-arranged preferences.  The CRM also includes the contact information and the apparent interests of the potential customer based on the things they download and click on. Using these keys, a salesperson can focus their message on the exact items they know the lead is interested in. From there, they can easily close the sale without being too intrusive or overbearing.  That radically improves their efficiency and sales ratio, which helps the overall company grow more rapidly.

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