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Companies around the world have taken on marketing automation to help them reach prospects without involving so much manual work. It’s helped various industries be able to create and send out marketing content at the right time online so it’s the most effective.

While marketing automation has become popular, it also makes it more difficult to find a platform that works best for your business. Our software is called TieIt, and it’s designed specifically for entrepreneurs while created by entrepreneurs.

Take a look at some features TieiT gives you to make marketing and sales take less time.

Creating a Website, Including for Mobile

After so much money spent on your marketing plan, you don’t want to just make guesses on what might work and what doesn’t. The goal is to convert leads into new customers and have them stay loyal. You can’t achieve this without compelling content.

Design and development is a strong part of TieiT, and much of it starts with top-tier web design. How you design your website is equally as important as the content you’ll place there.

Your website is instantly judged upon first sight. You’re going to need expert design to ensure you impress visitors from the minute they land on your page.

Our platform helps design a site for you, especially an effective landing page.

We’ll also help you create an important counterpart: A mobile-friendly website. Using our platform, you’ll save yourself a lot of time having to test your mobile site for all platforms.

The amount of time you’ll save using our automated system will be exponential so you can focus on other important business tasks.

Setting Up E-Commerce and Page Optimization

Creating an e-commerce system is also time-consuming and complex. You’ll be able to enjoy us providing all the tools you need to make e-commerce fit into your marketing program.

What’s most important is to create an e-commerce system that can operate 24/7, year-round. More customers than you think may want to shop on your site in the middle of the night.

Keep in mind many different components go into e-commerce like optimizing your website for checkout, adding a shopping cart, payment gateways,
 creating a secure server, and using SSL Certificates.

For landing page optimization, you’ll have a page designed separately from your website to help bring visitor conversions. Thanks to our studies on what consumers want, our platform helps design these pages and optimizes them fully so it attracts your targeted demographic.

Inbound Marketing Techniques to Attract Visitors

If you’re still new to inbound marketing, it’s a lot different from the outbound marketing you’ve perhaps used for years. Inbound marketing involves creating superior marketing content made to attract people to your website.

TieIt helps bring quality inbound marketing content to your website in different variations. Part of this involves using expert SEO (search engine optimization) to help you rise to the top in Google searches.

Even if you know a little about SEO, it pays to work with experts to make sure it’s done right. Through our automation program, it can get done without weeks of working on your own.

The same goes with writing content. Our platform will help you find the best ways to word things so visitors consume all your content rather than leave out of boredom.

We’ll also help you with social media branding and marketing. As a separate part of your inbound marketing plan, it connects directly to your website. Placing site links on social media are an important part of your strategy.

Pay-per-click advertising is another essential element TieIt will help you conquer. These ads are made to display in other online locations. When clicked on, they’ll take a visitor to your website.

Contact us at MaaS Pros to learn more about our TieiT software so you can take your marketing and sales to a new plateau.

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