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A central element of Internet marketing strategy for so many is blogging. It has been touted as a great way to reach those who do some searching around the Internet, and indeed it does improve results for many. The question is how frequently one should be blogging, and how often is too often. 


There Is A Such Thing As Too Much Blogging 


Blogging is a great thing, and one that many businesses are not doing enough of. However, there are some businesses that are doing too much blogging. Read this quote from louisem.com,


Finally, I’m concerned about neglecting more-important business tasks. Last year I had a tough time prioritizing what benefited my business most, and I don’t want to start the New Year doing the “wrong” things first. 


Neglecting other business tasks in favor of blogging all the time can in fact be a bad idea. There are so many who get very excited about their blogging opportunities that they do in fact forget to handle some of the other tasks that are laid out before them. Blogging can be fun, but it should not be prioritized to the point that other tasks are not being accomplished. 


When You Know It Is Too Frequent 


There are some tell-tell signs that you may be blogging too frequently. One such sign is that people are not responding to your blogs like they once did. Secondly, there is the possibility that the quality of your blogs is in decline. If that is a problem as well, then the blogging frequency needs to be tuned down a little.


Once Or Twice A Week Is The Sweet Spot


For most blogs a once or twice a week post is plenty enough to get the point across. Some individual’s blog daily, but this may be too much information to take in for a lot of cases. Everything should be reviewed carefully to determine exactly what the right amount of blogging is. More can be learned about this by checking out this eBook.


Please contact us for more information in regards to blogging and its usefulness to marketing.  


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