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Every internet document you read on websites is part of a blog.  These blogs provide useful information that you are free to use in your life.  In order for the website to continue to provide quality information they need funding.  Keeping a website online isn’t cheap, and making money from Blogging is a simple, yet effective way to do so.  Just like those websites you read, you can make money on blogs too.


Pay per click is one of the most popular ways to make money on your blog.  It gives you the freedom to write whatever topic you prefer.  The ads will match the article in question.  Insert a code into your website and decide where to place the ad.  The company does the rest.  Every click generates small revenue per click so a ton of clicks generate a ton of money.  Because pay per click is doing the heavy lifting in advertising they will get a piece of the pie.  Pay per click companies also makes sure the best ads (most-clicked) appear on your page.


Affiliate promotions and CPM advertising are two other ways to make money.  Affiliate promotion marketing is when someone clicks on an ad and buys a product from that ad.  That ad is connected to another business, and the company gets a cut.  This next option is great for blogs that rely on websites that send visitors there but don’t buy anything:  CPM advertising.  For every 1000 ad views the company makes money whether someone clicks on the ad and buys something or not.


Get creative.  Think about what the company can use to benefit them the most.  Offer a digital download of eBooks, templates or coupons. Encourage visitors to donate money for a project or to keep the blog going through PayPal.  Take one blog entry to talk about services this company offers.  An example is freelancing services like writing, design, technology and secretarial work.  Another way to get revenue is to offer a membership package.  This is great to offer juicy content or downloadable freebies at a price while free viewers get the standard blog entries.


One click from one person is all it takes to make money.  It’s a matter of choosing how you want to make a profit from blogging.  Sit back and let the money come to you.  This is another way to create revenue for the business.  Feel free to add more than one way to pay; know, however, that too much is a good thing.  Contact us for more information.


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