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With mobile devices becoming faster, more powerful and accessible, if companies are not already, they need to better understand and implement mobile marketing campaigns. Companies need to acknowledge that a paradigm shift is in the making as more people access the internet everyday from their cell phones and tablets than they do their computers.

There are a number of things that need to be considered for mobile marketing, not least of which is the website of the company. The first thing that companies need to do is make sure their website looks and feels good for a user to maneuver from a device with a smaller screen. The website needs to be responsive and with the various frameworks available, there is no excuse for companies not to have responsive pages. “Mobile first” is a common phrase that is thrown around in the development and design communities and the gist of it is that a website should be built for phones and tablets first, then have it scale up for larger screens; not the other way around.

Another thing that needs to be considered for mobile marketing campaigns is what product the company is trying to sell and what their target demographic is. Once that is established, the company should then evaluate which mobile apps their potential customers likely use the most and target those apps. Unlike using web applications where users can easily ignore ads or use troublesome ad-blocking software, ads in apps are usually difficult to ignore and ad-blocking software is available to only the most tech-savy individuals.

One part of mobile marketing that companies need to keep in mind is that, because customers get updates on just about everything on their phones, too much advertising is likely to push customers in the opposite direction. If companies are emailing customers, constantly sending updates via social media and possibly using push notifications through their own stand-alone apps, the backlash would almost certainly hurt the cause than help it.

If you would like to know more about mobile marketing or how we could possibly help you on your next campaign, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to elaborate.

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