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A major aspect of content development is identifying the people who you’ll create content for. Without this, it’ll be difficult to connect with people who are actually interested in your products.

Create an audience persona 

The first thing you’ll need to do is create an audience persona. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, you’ll need this before you can move on to other pressing matters:

“Setting content goals starts with creating an audience persona, developing a keyword list based on their search terms, understanding the content they need, and writing in a style that appeals to your readers. After that, you need a plan to find out how often to post and through which channels.”

It starts with taking a look at your current customers, your email subscribers, and your social media followers. Find the common links and create a persona that matches your business.

Test your content 

A marketing campaign is never finished. Once you have your strategy, you should constantly re-tune it for big and small improvements.

When you test your content, you might find that your target audience prefers visual content or that your Facebook followers are your most active group. The more you test, the more you’ll find out about your prospective customers. This will help you create a more accurate and representative audience persona.

Try out different tactics 

If you’re willing to test your strategy, then you should regularly try out new tactics. We recommend that you create different types of content, post at different times during the day, and share articles on different platforms.

Eventually, you’ll find a combination that works best for your company. Content development is different for every business, so there are no default settings that work best for everyone.

Developing an audience persona, testing, and experimenting with new tactics all help you create better content. To talk more about content development, or anything else, contact us today.



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