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Content development doesn’t just cover your process of content creation. You also need to plan for how consumers are going to find your content. It doesn’t matter how great your content is or how frequently you post it if people can’t find it.

The reason this is so important today is because consumers are spending more time on their smartphones and less on their laptops. Despite this, many businesses still create content for desktops and laptops. If your content isn’t mobile friendly, then it can only receive so much visibility.

A recent Search Engine Land article reports that people find content on mobile devices mostly through search. Word of mouth and social media come next, according to the article:

“Search is the leading way mobile users said they find mobile content/websites. Fifty four percent of respondents picked search as the top method. After that, 29 percent said “word of mouth” and 26 percent found content through social media on their mobile devices. Search is also widely used in the various app stores as a content discovery tool, second only to ‘look at what’s free.’”

So when it comes to content development, you should keep two things in mind. First of all, you should optimize your content for mobile devices. You should just assume that your target audience views your content from smartphones and tablets.

And secondly, you should take steps to optimize your content for search engines. This way, when your target audience searches for content on mobile devices, your website will come up on the search results page.

It doesn’t make sense to optimize your content for devices that your target audience doesn’t use. Instead, you should design your content for mobile devices and optimize it so consumers can find it through search engines.

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