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“Write what you know” applies just as much too content development as it does to fiction. Readers can tell almost instantly whether the author of an article is an expert on the topic. As a business owner, one of the goals of you posting content is to establish and prove your expertise.

And that’s why we recommend business owners to write about their industry. Don’t just post blogs and articles overtly telling people why they need your product or service. Take the time to talk about niche topics and provide informative content.

You don’t have to give all your secrets away. The idea is to demonstrate to prospective customers what your product or service does. Think of it as giving away a free sample of a new dessert you made.

Plus, when you write about what you know, you automatically create content that suits your target audience. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, that’s exactly the type of content that your prospective customers are looking for:

“Researching thoroughly before you write: What kind of content are your customers searching for? Having your ducks in a row and understanding your audiences’ needs can help you create content that hits the mark almost every time. Not to mention, you won’t waste time creating content that doesn’t suit your audience.”

The great thing about posting content is that you’ll find out almost immediately if it hit home with your target audience. You’ll be able to tell how many times your blog or article was viewed on your website. And if you post it on social media, you’ll be able to track likes, retweets, and shares.

If you’re struggling with content development, then just remember that your target audience is looking for informative content. Write about topics and issues that you’ll know and your content will likely resonate with prospective customers.

To talk more about content development, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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