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Content development should be the primary focus of your digital marketing campaign. Quality content is versatile, can be used on several platforms, and complements other digital marketing practices.

Despite the advantages of investing in organic search, many businesses still purchase paid advertisements. This isn’t necessarily wrong, as long as it’s small in proportion to your investment in organic search.

Now, one way to make those paid advertisements even more effective is to complement them with relevant content. A cohesive digital marketing strategy entailing both paid advertisements and content development will make both practices more effective.

A recent article in the Guardian talks about the relationship between paid advertisements and content development. The article tells the story of Cocoon, a security firm that increased its brand visibility by creating cohesion between the two components:

“It’s also important to have the content to back up any online advertising campaign. Cocoon wrote a series of blogs and worked on organically growing their Facebook and Twitter followings alongside running paid adverts.”

This principle holds true for all of digital marketing. It doesn’t make sense to have a completely different attitude on every platform. You have to adjust your campaigns, but your overall strategy should be cohesive.

If your paid advertisement promotes a product, for example, then you should publish content that’s also centered on the same product. This unity in your marketing efforts results in a clearer message. When consumers see both your content and advertisements, your digital marketing campaign will make more sense.

If we had to choose one mistake that businesses make concerning digital marketing, it would be a lack of strategic planning. One thing to focus on in your strategy is cohesion. As long as your marketing efforts align under one unified strategy, you’ll establish a consistent brand identity.

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