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Digital marketing is the best way to keep your business relevant. Between computers, tablets and cell phones there is always something digital in someone’s hand. Why not take advantage of all that the digital age has to offer.  Below are tips on how to use digital marketing for your company.


Email – Use this to send out a monthly or weekly newsletter. Ask people to leave their email address when visiting your website or when they sign up to purchase your product online.


Social Media – The list of marketing ideas using social media is limitless. On Facebook and Twitter you can use this platform to send out posts about anything you want people to see right now. Post Sales, promotions, new products or just to say hello and keep your company in the customer’s minds. Instagram can be used to post pictures of your product, business or even fun photos of your employees.  Linked is a good place to add your company.  This way other employees may include it to their profile, which will spread your business name all over the site.


Blog – Start a blog page on your company website. You can post periodically but its best to post at least once a month in order to keep your followers interested.  You would let people know of a new blog post by sending it to them from your email list. You can blog about company outings or a news story that relates to your business.


Apps – Create an app for your business. Make it free to users to download and easy to use. Customers can use it to shop your online store, keep track of your blog posts, and have their account information ready for them at any time on their phone or tablet.


Forum – Construct a forum to be included in your website. This is a place customers can ask questions or voice any concerns. They can also use it to speak with other customers and discuss products or services. Have an employee on hand to moderate and make sure to answer any questions.


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