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Email marketing is one of those strategies put in place by businesses that either works well or works very little. After all, most companies only use it to send offers or coupons, rarely anything of substance.

Further, the offers usually come in at a time that is unwarranted. An article on Tech Cocktail describes it like this:

For instance, you might get an email about an exclusive offer for a spa. Chances are very little that you are looking for a spa deal at that very point in time. It’s low priority. And for that reason, the offer goes unused.

Is that what you want to achieve through your email marketing? If so, then you’re all set. You’ve got your angle covered: small exposure, little return. If not, then maybe it’s time you redesign, a restructure, and a re-release.

Email marketing should be used in a way to connect with customers/clients/patrons. It should be designed so that the recipient will want to connect with the sender in a meaningful and purposeful way. Reciprocity is key.

But it should be simple. How simple? Here are 3 “should” tips:

1. It should be attention grabbing, without losing sophistication, yet want to make the receiver open the email rather than read the title and delete it.

2. It should have a simple greeting, one that connects with the customer and doesn’t read “we are corporate and don’t really know your name, but pretend to so that we can get what we want.”

3. It should keep your brand consistent and likable and responsive. It should work across many different platforms and be recognizable no matter where the person receives it.

Then, after you have garnered the attention of the customer, you’re going to want to have a quality landing page with optimum content (click here for our blog on landing pages).

In the end, a redesign may be a strategy that pays off for you. Engaging them with your brand in a way that just begs for a response can add that extra boost your business needs.

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