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When it comes to social media marketing you cannot afford to miss details.  You also cannot let the campaign get stale.  Those problematic situations can result in a social campaign that’s stationary and full of flaws.  A flawless and evolving campaign is about evaluating your strategies.  Keep the ones that are working, removing the ones that aren’t and adding new things.  Remove the mistakes, grow on the successes and add these elements to your Social media marketing plan.

The Missing Link:  Where is the link to your website?  If visitors have to search forever on social networks to find the company web link, it will drive potential customers away.

Don’t Stretch Yourself Thin:  Instead of being on every social network out there, pick one or two that are important for your business to be on.  Companies will put more emphasis and focus on those sites than reaching out to every website in existence which can result in burnout.

Please Don’t Go:  Companies assume that email marketing is ‘outdated’ because they can reach social networks.  Instead, bring emails back into the fray.  You can reach many more people with email marketing and social media marketing than social media marketing alone.  Customers will do the sharing on social media for you.

Go Viral:  Video sites like YouTube and Vimeo can take social media marketing to the next level.  Search engines have a space added for visitors to search for videos, so you are missing out on potential targets that look specifically for videos.  Add a video on these sites that’s either helpful/informative or funny/entertaining (like a commercial).  Make sure it relates to the business.

Constant Content:  Writing content for your blog is not a one-time thing.  Content has to be original, unique, relevant and updated regularly.  It makes a company knowledgeable and relatable to consumers.  Stale content results in fewer eyes looking around your website.  You can write this yourself or hire a company like Mass Pros to do this for you.

A Family Affair:  Encourage employees to pitch in on social media websites.  This brings the company together, builds the brand among employees and management and creates employee advocates to spread the word.

Patience:  Don’t forget to be patient.  To get results a social media marketing campaign will not happen overnight.  Give it four or five months before making any tweaks.  Let customer feedback guide your campaign.

Your social media strategies can always use a touchup.  Add us as your second opinion on your campaign.  We will be your fresh pair of eyes to revitalize your social media efforts.  Contact us for more information on our social media marketing strategies.

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