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You’ve likely heard about automated marketing and CRM software but perhaps have reservations about whether it’s appropriate for your business. Every business is unique in its own way and perhaps your concerns are valid. However, if these concerns are based on misconceptions, they could be holding you back from leveraging a powerful business tool. Here are four common misconceptions:

It Will Require Extra Staff to Use

Automated marketing and CRM software is designed for non-technical people. It has an easy to use and highly intuitive interface. If you’re using other business applications, this software isn’t any more difficult to learn and could very well be simpler to use.

It Will Add More Work to an Already Busy Schedule

This feeling is understandable when you’re inundated with too much work. Using a new tool can feel like its just one more task added to your full plate. However, automated marketing and CRM software is an automation tool and will free you up from repetitive marketing tasks so that you can do more planning and creative work. You need only set up a workflow for a marketing task and the software will do it in the background. It also allows you to do much of your work more efficiently.

It’s Impersonal

Some people may feel that automated marketing and CRM is just another layer of impersonal technology separating a business from its customers. In truth, it does the opposite. For example, if you’re doing email marketing, you understand that writing a personalized email tailored for each of your list members is impractical. However, this software sends an email appropriate for each list member’s preferences and behaviors. It will send the right email at the right time to the right recipient. On the other hand, a mass email campaign that sends everyone the same email is impersonal marketing that isn’t very effective.

It’s Only for Marketing Use

On the contrary, this software monitors your leads’ interactions with your emails, website, and social media campaigns. This provides valuable insight to your sales team on the interests and preferences of your leads, which can be used when sales contacts these prospects. The software can also alert your sales team when prospects have completed a number of predefined actions that indicate they are warm leads and should be contacted.
If you have any concerns about automated marketing and CRM software, we will gladly answer your questions. Contact us.

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