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Social media marketing isn’t overtaking Email marketing just because more people flock to it. In fact email marketing is growing albeit a different way. So many users rely on their smartphones, iPhones and androids that at least half of all emails opened are through those devices. Checking the mail on the computer is more hassle for the busy person, and you can’t carry your laptop everywhere the way cell phones can. Computers are not on 24/7; cell phones are. Email marketing is going to create results on mobile, but only if the company markets their campaign right.


Mobile-friendly email


Email marketing campaigns for computers is not going to work on mobile phones. Photos take too long to load and reading large chunks of data is going to turn off users. Less is more with mobile. Get to the point. Drop photos and videos in mobile email marketing unless you’re certain that it will take seconds to load.


Mobile-friendly landing page


If you are sending users to a landing page make sure the page works well on mobile devices. This is a great substitute for a website as landing pages have a purpose and gets straight to the point. It should be seamless and clutter-free; no clunky or bulky landing pages allowed.


Attention-grabbing subject line


The subject line in the email must be so tempting the user has no choice but to open it. There are so many emails coming in their inbox each day that it becomes a blur. The subject line will convince them to open their email. You have a few seconds to catch their eye; make it count.




Never spam their email. Sending tons of emails daily isn’t going to get your email opened any faster. They will delete your email, and it doesn’t matter how attention-grabbing your email is. Instead send one or two per week.


Trial and Error


Test the results on mobile devices. Use a standard cell phone, iPhone, smartphone, android and other phone types to see how the email will look on those devices. Take notice of loading time, and tweak any mishaps to make sure the email works on all devices with no problem.


Cell phones are the new way to open and respond to email, and companies must cater to those users. It’s the number one activity on cell phones more than calling, texting, and social networks. Make a campaign that’s going to get noticed and create revenue. Contact us for more information.


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