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Strategic content development is a serious business for a company’s website. With social media becoming more relevant than ever, how leads are created is becoming increasingly more crucial. To do that, content must be able to market and act as a conversation starter.Or as one expert says:Marketing is all about communication and if you aren’t developing content – articles, blogs, webinars, presentations, reports, infographics – your message is not getting out there.So how does one get the message out? It can easily be done in three steps.

1. Information
It’s time for an objective viewpoint. Look at what you are doing inside and out and ask yourself some seriously revealing questions, like:
What role does tech play in marketing my niche?
Economically speaking, are there fears of change in the future?
Are there any applicable social trends that affect your niche? And so on…
Next, evaluate, collect, and distill, then reflect on what you’re trying to achieve.
2. Ideas
In this step you will first want to imagine your current course unchanged. Think about what would happen if you did absolutely nothing. Then, like in step 1, evaluate the results. After that, calculate where you should be going to get the return you have paid for.
Who should be watching, reading, listening? In what media?
Should you be thinking of venturing into other forms of media?
Are your readers, listeners, watchers the correct audience?
If in the end you find things need changed, and it’s time to implement a new direction, ask yourself if it will be realistic and possible to do so easily?
3. Make Your Move
This step may sound the easiest, after all, all of the work is complete, right? Think again. Instituting a new direction and taking action on your decision also requires asking yourself some serious questions, and should lead you to a set of options rather than a laundry list of “things to get done.”
How many different options can you create?
Do your ideas/options make sense for your message? Are they really things you would like to see change? And for what reasons?
How will you get it all done?
In the end, you should be satisfied with your work, albeit slightly improvised and on-the-fly. Which is why it is important to identify alternatives and have them standing at ready when needed? This process should keep you moving and fresh. Remember stagnation is a killer.
For more help with content development, please contact us any time. And don’t forget to download our ebook.

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