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Facebook’s new Graph Search could bolster the standing of companies who understand how to make the most of their social media marketing campaigns. Right now, Facebook is allowing users to opt in on Graph Search, but it is expected to be launched across the board in the next few months. While this new search feature will be interesting and helpful for individual Facebook users, it could become indispensable for businesses on Facebook.


Graph Search can be used to refine your social media marketing campaigns by giving you a better understanding of your online fan base. Using the search feature you will be able to research your fans as well as your competition.  There is no limit to what you can do with the information you gain. You could even form alliances with other businesses that are frequented by your customers. In this way, both businesses can benefit from shared advertising or social media marketing campaigns.


It is also important, however, to ensure your business has optimized your Facebook page for Graph Search. In order to do this, there are several steps you can take today. These include:


Build your page now. If you don’t currently have a Facebook page, create one. If you already have a page, work to add more fans and increase their engagement. It may be a good time to offer discounts to your Facebook fans, or encourage fans to take pictures or check-in when they visit.


Add as much information as possible. Graph search offers users localized information, so it is important that your address, if on your Facebook page, be correct. Also add your hours and other information. The more informative your page is, the more useful it is for your fans.


Use keywords. Use the keyword list you use for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, and begin finding ways to integrate these keywords into your Facebook description. Also remember your keywords when posting status updates, comments and photo captions. These keywords will help Graph Search place your business into the correct categories, and raise your search ranking.


If you have questions about social media marketing for your business, or how to optimize your campaign for Facebook Graph Search, contact us today.


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