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Although it depends on your business, it generally does not require too many customers to see a noticeable growth, so investing in methods that bring in more customers is essential. However, when it comes to internet marketing services for small businesses, you can invest effort into all aspects, or you can delve into one aspect to get the greatest results and then move on to additional marketing projects.


Focusing on email is ideal because it plays an important role on your website.


Create a Newsletter


When you want to gather email addresses, you want to make sure that you provide a tempting offer. An excellent option is to supply something valuable, such as unique information or savings.


Simple Registration


It is important for people to have an easy time registering to your newsletter. If a person has to enter a great deal of personal information, they may decide against signing up for various reasons. For instance, they may not want to give you certain information, or they may decide it is too time-consuming.


Professional Copy


While you can write your own copy, you should consider investing in professional assistance, at least for the call-to-action portion as it is responsible for getting readers to take action.


Catchy Titles


Spending a decent amount of time and effort in creating emails is crucial because you want to display outstanding professionalism on a consistent basis. It is necessary to have superb content, but you also want to have catchy titles as they will entice more people to look at the emails.


Use Incentives to Increase Open Rates


When you include an incentive in the subject line of your email, you can increase the open rates up to 50%. “Free iPod with demo”, “Free shipping” are examples of good, incentive-focused subject lines.


Stick to Fewer Than 3 Typefaces


The less clutter you have in your email, the more conversions you will receive. Don’t junk up your email.


Keep the Main Message and Call-to-Action Above the Fold


If your main call-to-action falls below the fold, then up to 70% of your recipients will not see it. Also, any call-to-action should be repeated at least 3 times throughout the email.


Closely Tie Emails to Landing Pages


You landing page should match the email in terms of headline, copy and content. The look and feel of your landing page should also match the email. And make sure you are utilizing tools to see which emails and landing pages yield the best results.


If you want professional help with implementing these tips, contact us today.




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