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When you are trying to increase your business’s online exposure and success, you have to start thinking about more than just your website. While investing in search engine marketing for your website will produce positive results over time, this is not the only place where you will benefit from increased traffic.


It is becoming more common for business’s to incorporate videos. Whether it is a product demonstration, a portfolio review, or an animated video that describes your services, there are more than a few ways to make excellent use of videos for your business.
Investing search engine marketing into these videos will help them get ranked better on search engines when people are only searching for videos, as well as on the sites that the videos are hosted on.

Review Sites

Much of your reputation comes from online reviews. If you have not-so-great reviews, your first step should be communicating with the individuals that rated your business poorly, and doing whatever you can to come up with a solution that will have them change their rating or delete the poor review.

In the meantime, you can use search engine marketing to improve the search engine rankings for your business’s page on these review sites, which will help when people look up reviews for your business.

Social Media

Social media usage has become a norm for many businesses including popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Using social media allows you to communicate directly with your customers, which can put a face to your business and make you more reputable overall.

Ranking your social media pages higher will lead to more traffic for your business, even if it does not directly go to your website. Oftentimes, after reaching your social media page, if they like what they see, they will transition this into visiting your website to learn more.
While it is important to invest in ranking your website, you should not forget about the other parts of your business that can be found online as they provide you with more business, as well.

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