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Putting the word automated in front of software that manages customer relationships sounds potentially gnarly. You might be asking yourself, do I really want to control my customer interactions with a machine? Thankfully, these fears are completely unfounded! The reason CRM software and automation is so popular is that customers love it. Even customers who know nothing about CRM speak positively about companies who use the services.

Here are four reasons customers will be happy with the relationship they build with your company using automated and CRM software:

They have control over the relationship. In the past, customers had to be assertive and directly ask businesses if they wanted the relationship to change. With automated software, they can choose the kind of interactions they want from your business, including the best form of contact and kinds of emails they prefer.

It’s easier to interact with them as frequently (or infrequently) as they prefer. Before automation, it was much more difficult to keep track of customer interactions, and easier to make human errors. CRM and automation keeps track of how often you interact with your customers, the kinds of interactions they prefer, and allows your business to easily manage frequency based on these preferences.

Communication is clearer. If you have an invoice or overdue estimate, automation will let the customer know. Additionally, when customers click online to manage communication preferences, there’s no room for misinterpretation or errors. Customers and businesses both end up less confused, and feel more positivity.

Interactions have a personalized touch. It might sound hard to believe, but CRM makes it easier to get personal with customers. Databases of information will tell you about the customers’ interests, preferences, and needs, making it easy to send them communication that interests them. Gone are days of sending the same email to your entire list.

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