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Despite negative stigmas about email marketing (such as badgering subscribers and acting like spam mail) it is still a good idea to do it.  Businesses must make sure that their customers feel appreciated and allow them time to react.


Email marketing doesn’t work without an email list.  A good idea is to use an email autoresponder system.  There are plenty of websites that will do this for you for a fee or for free.  It’s best to choose an inexpensive responder as free ones have too many limitations to count.  The other half is good content.  Examine the company and see if there is something you can offer to readers.  Invite them to your latest blog entry, explain the latest news in the company, and/or chat about upcoming events.  If you must give them an incentive.  Give them a free download, a coupon code to a website, or give them a discount.


There will be email readers who are not going to become a loyal subscriber.  Some will get your free stuff and unsubscribe.  Some will unsubscribe on the first try while others will remain loyal yet remain unhappy no matter what your business does.  It’s a part of weeding out people until the best ones come along.  The size of the list doesn’t matter; it’s the amount of steady income made from the list.  Coming off as greedy in the email is going to turn customers off and hurt the bottom line.


Here are five different ways to generate revenue with email marketing:


  • affiliate offers: have offers directly in the email


  • sell products: companies can send links to their site about their latest product on the market and encourage them to buy it


  • sell sponsor ads: companies can add a paragraph in their email discussing a sister company or someone who sponsors their company.  A link to the sponsor’s/sister company website is next to it


  • thank you page: after a new subscriber joins the list let the autoresponder connect the person to a thank you page.  You can create a thank you page that sponsors another website, promote a product, or ask them to visit your website.


  • send subscribers to other websites and get paid for it: charge other websites to advertise for them and send your subscribers to other websites using a link in the email


One size does not fit all in email marketing.  For some only one strategy works; for others it has to be a combination.  For more information on email marketing contact us.


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