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Blogging is a big commitment of effort and time. Getting traffic from the search engines won’t happen with just a few blog posts. Instead, your blog must consistently publish fresh content. Over time, your blog will have hundreds of posts, each of which will draw traffic and potential customers.

However, your blog can do much more for you than simply act as a traffic magnet. When used in combination with an email list and automated marketing software, you benefit in the following ways:


Breathe New Life Into Old Blog Posts

If you have a large blog, traffic levels on the older posts can drop over time. Automated marketing software can send individualized emails to your list members that recommend other blog posts related to the post they most recently read. This increased exposure to your website and brand moves them further along your marketing funnel.

Recommend Products Based on Consumed Content

Your visitors’ reading habits mirror their interests and concerns. Setting up rules in your automated marketing software that make product recommendations based on consumed content increases sales and the lifetime values of your email list members. You can enhance this further by writing blog content on the pain points of your visitors that are solved by your products or services.

Recommend Content Based on Purchased Products

If you sell products normally used together or are bought sequentially over time, then your automated marketing software can recommend blog posts based on product purchases. The purpose of these recommendations is to point your customer toward related products normally bought with or after their current purchase.

For example, someone who buys a book on learning how to ski would be interested in reading about skis. On the other hand, a person who recently bought skis for beginners would want to read about more advanced skis that improve skiing performance, and so forth. At the right time, your software can make appropriate product recommendations.

To learn about other ways that automated marketing and CRM software improves your business, please contact us.


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