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There used to be a time when entrepreneurs quickly created their own websites, added some text, images and click-through links – and then they called it a day. What might have worked 15 years ago is no longer an adequate approach to content development. In fact, unless your approach has undergone a veritable paradigm shift, it is probably not having the desired effect.

There has to be a Plan

Content development now has a new friend: social media. The blog post that you put on your website today may be shared by hundreds of people tomorrow. The image that you post today may become a Facebook meme. The video that you add to your YouTube channel has the potential of becoming tomorrow’s viral video. In a time where every bit of content is potentially lauded or ridiculed, there has to be a plan in place. Do not entrust your content development to the office newcomer. Getting an expert to tackle it is a necessity.

Content must be Relevant

You have heard of evergreen content. This term describes the tutorial or informative piece of blog writing that will bring visitors to your website for years after writing the post. Knowing what is relevant demands that you know your audience. Who buys your products? How old are your shoppers? What is the general makeup of the demographic? Moreover, do you know how to address this group? If you are missing any of these puzzle pieces, your entire content library will not help you brand or market your company.

Content Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

As if it were not difficult enough to come up with a great blog post for your website’s audience, consider the fact that content is now far more multi-faceted than it was just a few years ago. Today’s content is the targeted blog that speaks to your customers, the eBook that attracts new clients, the press release that makes your company’s name a household name and the case study that turns you into an overnight authority in your niche.

If this sounds like a tall order, contact us to learn how we succeed at creating this type of content on a regular basis – and do not forget to check out our eBook as well! After all, you will never have a second chance at making that first great impression when communicating with a potential customer or client.

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