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Many people think that all they need to do is set up a website for their business and then just let it take care of itself.  However, this isn’t how website development works.  As the term suggests, it is an ongoing process.  Not only do you need to update your website any time your products or services change, you also need to keep refreshing it with the latest developments in your field.  This can be done by maintaining a blog which is updated at least once a week.


A Casual Medium


The advantage of having a blog is that it’s not a very formal medium.  Most people who write blogs are just jotting down their thoughts about a certain topic.  So it’s something that anyone can do.  Of course, if you’re not comfortable writing, you can always hire a blog-writing service.


Blogs vs. Tweets


People have been expecting blogs to go out of fashion for a while now, especially given the advent of Twitter.  The idea was that, since people have really short attention spans nowadays, they would probably prefer to read short Tweets as opposed to longer blogs.  However, it turns out that the naysayers who predicted the downfall of the blog were mistaken.  If anything, blogs have become even more popular and more individuals and companies are maintaining them.  It’s almost a status symbol to have a good blog.  That way, when a certain topic comes up in business meetings, you can talk about how it was addressed in your blog.


A Social Media Presence


Whether you’re writing your own blog or hiring someone else to do it, it’s important to keep it simple, casual and readable.  The same goes for social media pages that you may or may not maintain for your company.  The advantage of maintaining these pages in addition to a website and a blog is that it makes it easier for people to share their opinions about you on these networks.  By maintaining an up-to-date website, a blog and social media pages, you can take your web development efforts to the next level.  Contact us for more information about website development and social media strategies.


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