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Social media marketing is unique in that it complements just about every other form of marketing. It strengthens traditional marketing by increasing its visibility on the Internet. It attracts more subscribers for email marketing by advertising the campaign on social media.


One of the best combinations in digital marketing is event marketing and social media marketing. With Facebook and Twitter, businesses can promote their ads like never before. Before the event, businesses can increase its visibility and attract followers to attend.


In addition, you can also use social media to increase interaction and engagement during events. You can encourage users to participate with their smartphones or tablets to improve the overall experience.


A recent Entrepreneur article talks about the link between event marketing and social media marketing. According to the article, businesses can use social media to keep track of attendance and ask for feedback after the event is over:


“Whether accessed through a brand ambassador or a QR code, digital event forms should always include an option for the participant to share the form via social media after submission. For those events that activate at the location of the advertised product or service, contests tied into Facebook check-ins can drive awareness across each attendee’s social network.”


For your next event, consider using social media before, during, and after the event itself. Before the event you can focus on promotion, during the event you can increase engagement, and after the event you can ask for feedback.


Don’t be discouraged if you’re not exactly sure how to do this. Most businesses are new to social media and don’t understand how to use it to improve their event marketing. If you need a nudge in the right direction or want to talk about your event marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 


To talk more about this or anything else, please contact us. Thanks. 



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