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When a shopper visits a national department store’s website, the business has to meet a number of expectations. Among them is the design of a user-friendly website, logical link leads and content that is relevant and engages the buyer. The one thing that this type of business cannot bring to the table is the small business appeal of personal care and attention. When you enlist the help of Internet marketing services for small businesses, you can offer the consumer a department store experience in a small business setting.

Putting Together the Package

One of the most commonly mentioned complaints is the slow loading time of small business websites. Coupled with broken links, outdated content and a lack of social media interactivity, even committed shoppers tend to think twice before abandoning the department store’s online shopping cart in favor of doing business with you. Professional Internet marketing service providers eliminate the points of contention and put together a package that positions your brand on an equal footing with the big box stores.

Getting Eyeballs to Your Website

With your website set up properly and social media accounts populated with varied content, you still need to get more traffic. Once again, the professionals can help. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing medium that brings you visitors. Learning the ropes takes time and calls for adaptations at a moment’s notice. Unless you can run your business and stay on top of the constant changes in this arena, you need someone who can handle this aspect. Pair SEO with pay-per-click advertising as well as video and email marketing for an effective presentation that gets you noticed.


One of the best marketing strategies for a small business is blogging. By providing your prospects and clients with informative, non-salesy content that you can publish on your blog, promote socially and offer to other networks to supplement their strategy, you and your team can quickly establish yourselves as experts in a desired field.

It can also positively impact your SEO. By blogging at least twice a week, you significantly increase your website’s ability to be found on search engines. The more you blog, the more traffic your site will get from Google, Yahoo and Bing, because you are adding fresh content to your website. And if each of your blog posts includes a call to action, you might even generate some leads from your blog.

Leverage email marketing and email reminders

Email marketing as a key component of your automated marketing and CRM app such as TieiT (www.TieiTapp.com) is great for engaging customers, but you’re really limiting its potential if you keep it in a silo. So be sure to integrate your email marketing campaigns with your other automated marketing campaigns for maximum impact, and vice versa. For example, if you’re running a Facebook contest, increase the number of people participating by notifying your email subscriber list of engaged customers. If you’re running a time-limited deal or special offer, send a reminder via email.

To find out more about Internet marketing services for small businesses, contact us at MaaS Pros today.



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