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When it comes to automated marketing and CRM, the future is now. If you’re not automating your customer relationship management, your employees are using valuable time and money attempting to do the same tasks manually. In addition, you’re missing out on using sophisticated data analysis that will improve the way you interact with your clients.

Marketing automation involves software that automates marketing tasks, such as emails, social media posting, and CRM integration. The point of marketing automation is to make tasks in the short-term easier in order to contribute to long-term success. It can be a huge advantage when used correctly and not relied upon as the sole means for generating leads. One of the main benefits of marketing automation is the ability to nurture prospects with customized content that moves them through the sales pipeline and converts them to a paying customer.

Our new software, TieiT, is at the forefront of using the most up to date technology to bring your business up to the next level. TieiT’s services include the following components:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM tools increase the ease and flow in staying in touch with your current and prospective customers. Our database puts all customers, records of interactions, sales activity, and customer contact information in one place. This section makes it easy to track and assign your employees customer interaction tasks.

Email Marketing

Our sophisticated email campaigns take email marketing to a new plane. Gone are the days of generic marketing; our software makes it easy to segment lists and personalize automated messages to individual customers. You have the option to customize emails or use templates.

Social Media Management

Manually keeping up several social media accounts is a pain, but TieiT will automate your social media and post it up on all of your accounts. It also connects to customers on social media, making it easier to stay in touch with their activity and interactions with your business.

Invoicing and Estimating

Instead of going to yet another program to invoice and collect bills, do it in the same platform as your marketing. Our software makes it easy to invoice customers, stay in touch with customer payment history, and get paid immediately online.

Marketing Automation

Our automated workflow makes it easy to create personalized, automated interactions with potential customers, increasing your odds of converting sales. You can also create your own customized landing page, making it easy to work efficiently to retain and find new customers.

Interested in learning more about how TieiT will help your business? Contact us for a free demo of our software, and personalized assistance getting started.



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