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Page speed is a major factor in SEO services in Raleigh Durham. How fast your site loads doesn’t just impact your user experience, but your search engine optimization as well. Since these are two of the most important aspects of online marketing, you should make improving your page speed a priority.


First, we’ll take a look at how page speed factors into your SEO. Like other components, it depends on how Google weighs it in its algorithm.

Google looks for a couple of factors when it determines your page rank. In addition to your reputation and content, the search engine also evaluates your website’s functionality. According to a recent Forbes article, you can improve your page speed — and SEO, as well — by cleaning your site up:

“Use a tool like Pingdom to see how fast your site loads—the faster it loads, the better. You can improve your site speed by fixing any hosting issues, shrinking the images on your site, and clearing out any unnecessary plugins or meta information that could slow information transfers down.”

User experience

Let’s forget about the technical aspect, though. Your main goal is to provide customers with a smooth user experience when they access your website.

Think back to the last clunky website you visited. How long did you stay on the page before giving up? Consumers aren’t known for their patience, so you shouldn’t expect them to wait for your pictures and images to load.

Mobile is another important factor. If your site loads quickly on desktops but slowly on mobile devices, then you need to make a few changes.

Sometimes business owners forget about indirect SEO factors. Page speed is a good element to focus on since it improves other things besides your SEO, like your user website experience.

To talk more about SEO services in Raleigh Durham, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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