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A common misconception regarding social media marketing is that search engine optimization (SEO) plays no role in the practice. In this blog we’ll explain how the two are linked and what you can do to turn this into an opportunity.

Google has its eyes on all your online marketing efforts. Whether you update your website or post new content, Google will factor it into your page rank. Social media is not excluded from Google’s jurisdiction.

There’s still no clear formula concerning how Google weighs social media in its algorithm, but its general effect is clear. From what we can tell, relatively important social media activities affect your SEO.

“Relative” is the key word there. Google takes into account how many followers you have and equates it in your company’s authority. According to a recent Forbes article, the more followers, likes, and shares you have on social media, the bigger you’ll be on Google’s radar:

“One factor Google takes into consideration for domain authority is the following you have on your social platforms. As a simple example, if your brand has 10,000 likes on Facebook and 10,000 followers on Twitter, you’ll have a higher authority and higher search rankings than a similar brand with 100 likes and 100 followers. Build you’re following by regularly posting interesting material, and engaging your audience directly by responding to their comments or opening up public discussions.”

So what does all of this say about your social media strategy? Two things, essentially. First of all, you need to build your follower base on Facebook and Twitter. The more followers you have, the more activity and interaction you’ll be able to generate.

And secondly, you need to post and share content with followers. If your content is truly good, then followers will share it willingly on social media. This increase in shares and likes will have an impact both on your social media marketing efforts and SEO. It’s one of the best possible outcomes for your online marketing efforts.

To talk more about social media marketing, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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