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It is not uncommon for businesses to devise an extensive plan for marketing with social media correctly. However, while this is an important factor to take into consideration, this is not the only one. Business Insider has found an essential element in the success of social media marketing:

Marketers may be inclined to wait until they have a really good idea of how they’re going to use a given social site. But this may put them at a major disadvantage. Our research finds that social success goes to those who come first.

More Important for Smaller Brands

While certain major brands have been able to grow their social media audience with great success due to their pre-existing popularity, this is something that small companies and brands may not be able to benefit from. It is crucial to capitalize on the chance to become a part of social media, and hopefully down the line, you can become a household name for customers in your area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Out New Platforms

Although new and upcoming social media platforms may not have the same level of influence as Facebook or Twitter, not making a valiant attempt can lead to missing out on success if a platform does become popular. Willingness to partake in conversations on Reddit, post photos on Instagram, and build relationships with other businesses and customers on Google+ can yield incredible results.

No Guarantee of Success

Early adoption is an excellent way to increase your chance of success, but nothing is guaranteed. Implementing a clever marketing strategy can still be an effective way to attract customers.

It is important to understand that you should try to strike a balance between finding new social media platforms to join and use actively, and then marketing them.

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