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Content marketing is the latest trend in the marketing world. Through content, you can connect with prospects, build trust and develop long-lasting relationships. You can even position yourself as an expert in your field. But how do you go about creating content your audience will love? Read on for some simple tips:


Find your audience

First, let’s get something straight: When it comes to creating content worth sharing and hopefully linking to, the goal is, now and forevermore, to deliver something the audience will love. Even if the topic is boring, your job is to deliver best-in-class content that’s uniquely valuable.

Instead of guessing what content you should create for your audience (or would-be audience), take the time to find out where they hang out, both online and offline. Maybe it’s Facebook groups, Twitter, forums, discussion groups, or Google Plus.


Write for your audience

Although this sounds simple enough, sometimes we lose sight of our audience when we sit down to write. Think about what your audience is interested in, how they speak, what will motivate them to read your content. Stay away from industry jargon unless you’re in a highly specialized industry, and make sure to write in your product’s unique voice.


Solve a problem

Nothing will get you more attention from your audience than solving a problem they have. Make sure to choose a keyword they might be searching for online and repeat it various times throughout the content. This is a sure-fire way to develop content your audience will love. See what I did there?


About length & Structure

There’s a lot of discussion regarding the ideal content length. Frankly, you should write enough to provide value to your customers, but not so much that you bore them.

Provide tactical, easy-to-follow information. You can use a list format, such as this one, or step-by-step instructions if the content merits it. The most important thing here is to remember your audience and write in a way that they will connect with.


Add visuals

Numerous statistics suggest that all types of visual content, including video content, is a sure-fire way to make an audience fall in love with your content. An article in The Guardian noted many of these findings, including Cisco’s research that suggests that video will account for 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, while YouTube already receives more than one billion unique visitors each month.


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