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An important ingredient to successful blogging is publishing fresh content on a regular basis. Posting frequency varies among successful sites, but it ranges from several posts a day to perhaps one a week. Even if you are the creative type of person who is brimming over with ideas, at some point after publishing tens or hundreds of blog posts, you will feel that you are tapped out of ideas.

What should you do then? The answer is to take a more methodical approach to idea generation. Some very effective methods of generating lots of blogging ideas are discussed next:

Expand on Existing Content Points in Your Blog Posts

What are content points? These are the subtopics of a blog post. For example, each tip in a tips post is a point that can form the basis of a new post. The same is true for each list item in a lists post. In posts that are not broken into tips or list items, you might be able to base blog posts on some of the subheadings. With this technique, you are essentially looking over your content with a magnifying glass in order to mine out new ideas.

Use Reader Feedback and Questions

Whenever a reader comments on your blog or corresponds with you by email, always view it as a possible blogging opportunity. Those questions that are asked the most have the potential to become very popular posts. At the end of each blog post, always ask your readers to comment and ask questions.

Use Reader Feedback and Questions on Other Blogs

If your blog is not getting much participation from your readers, you can get blogging ideas from the question and comments posted on competing blogs. If the bloggers are not answering these questions, you can answer them on your blog and then leave a comment on the other blog that links back to your post. This will bring back traffic. The more popular the other blog is, the more traffic you will get.

Get Ideas from Forums in Your Niche

Visit forums that are related to your blogging topic. Look over those threads with the largest number of views and responses for blogging ideas. Focus especially on questions. Other sources of this type of user generated content include question and answer sites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora Questions.
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